Arriving and departing from Laggan

Arriving and departing at Laggan, is different from your average holiday let, this is how it works...

Your exact arrival time on Saturday will be confirmed, once the tide table has been consulted. This will normally be after 4pm on a Saturday. You will be given instructions where to park beside the road, and will be met by the caretaker at the agreed time, who will assist you in loading up the boat for you with your luggage. If you have a lot of luggage and dogs, two trips may be required to ferry your party across to Laggan. You will be shown how the engine works, and then taken over to the house.

The caretaker will assist you in unloading the boat, and transferring everything to a quad bike and trailer for the short journey to the house.

The caretaker will show you the practicalities of staying at Laggan. This will include a full safety briefing and will include all the unusual features of the house. They will also show you how to operate things that may be unfamiliar to you such as how to light and extinguish an oil lamp, how the water system works, how to use the wood burning stove, running mooring etc.

The caretaker will then leave a detailed set of instructions (running to 30 or so pages) and your adventure begins.