You have a week or two on a virtual island – what to do to amuse yourself.

It is a hard one as every family tends to enjoy different things – so here are a few things that people have said they enjoy whilst staying at Ardnish

  • Fry ups on the beach
  • Having time to cook and make my own bread
  • Pottering about by the shore picking up kindling
  • Foraging for mussels and cooking them on an open fire by the shore
  • Collecting shells and washed up flotsam and jetsam
  • Just wandering about in any direction I choose
  • Going for a peaceful row in the boat
  • Playing board games with the children by the fire
  • Having a bath with the soft glow of the oil lamps
  • Cooking a meal from whatever you have foraged
  • Playing patience
  • Reading a good book while the rain beats on the window
  • Not having to drive anywhere or collect anybody in the car for a whole week
  • Having time and the silence to think about things
  • Sitting with a pair of binoculars on the bench by the front door just watching the world go by
  • Singing sands having the whole beach to myself
  • Spotting the deer as they come down in front of the house at night