The vital (but boring) bit – Terms & Conditions

1. Period of Hire.  Letting begins on the agreed time on the day of arrival and terminates at the agreed time on the day of departure.  The property is let solely for holiday purposes, and only to the persons named on the booking form.

2. Peanmeanach Bothy Code.  The Client will ensure that everyone in the party follows the code (see FAQs). A separate copy is available at the bothy for reference.   

3. Booking & Payment.  Availability is as shown on the webpage.  A firm booking is accepted following completion of the booking information by email, with confirmation by the owner of availability. The full payment of the cost secures the booking.  Payment is by electronic banking only.

4. Confirmation.  Once the booking is confirmed by the Owners, the Client will pay the full hire charge.

5. Cancellations.  Should a cancellation be made by the Client, the Owners will endeavour to re-let the property for the period of hire.  In the event of a shortfall, the money realised will be returned (with any deduction of the additional costs e.g eBay and PayPal costs incurred).  If cancellation occurs and the owners are unable to re-let for the period, then the entire hire fee (or deposit – if no final fee has been paid) will be forfeited by the Client.  Clients are strongly advised to take out a Holiday Cancellation Insurance Policy.

6. Availability.  If the property cannot be made available for the period booked due to events beyond the owners' control and the owners are forced to cancel the booking, the entire hire charge (with no deductions) will be refunded and the client will have no further claim against the owners.  Clients are strongly advised to take out a Holiday Cancellation Insurance Policy.

7. Number of Persons using the properties.  The number of persons occupying the property should not exceed the maximum number of 6 (or other formally agreed number).  Sub-letting is strictly prohibited.

8. Complaints & Problems.  Should there be any problem or cause for complaint during or after a period of letting, please contact the Owners as soon as possible and we will attempt to rectify the problem.

9. Breakage or Damage.  For the benefit of the next Clients staying in the bothy, please advise us of any breakage or damage that occurs during your stay.  We do not charge for breakages or damage occurring as a result of normal use, but reserve the right to demand payment for damage or breakages occurring as a result of reckless or deliberate misuse.

10. Care of Property.  The Client will take reasonable and proper care of the property, and contents (furniture, fixtures, fittings, paintings and effects in or on the property) and leave them in the same clean and tidy condition and state of repair at the end of the letting period as at the beginning.

11. Illegal Drugs and Smoking.  Strictly no smoking is allowed inside the property.  Please smoke outside and extinguish any cigarettes carefully. All illegal drug use is forbidden.

12. Pets.  Well-behaved dogs are welcome.  Extra care should be taken in the early summer when deer are calving, or in mid-summer when the calves are young.

13. Liability.  The Owners shall have no liability for any death, personal injury, damage or loss of personal property unless this results from our own negligence.

14. Right of Entry.  It is highly unlikely to happen, but …we reserve the right of entry to Peanmeanach Bothy at all reasonable times for the purposes of conducting an inspection or to carry out necessary repairs and/or maintenance.

15. Injury Loss or Damage.  The use of the property, its grounds, the peninsula and equipment is entirely at the Client's risk and no responsibility can be accepted by the Owners for injury to the Client or a member of his or her party, nor for injury, loss or damage to their belongings, including motor vehicles. Client's Responsibility -The Client is responsible for the property, and contents should be left clean at the end of the holiday and any breakages or damages or faults reported to the nominated contact.  Please email the owner or leave a note for the contact.

16. Contract.  The Contract of Hire is between the Client and Ardnish Estates, the Owner of Peanmeanach Bothy and the Ardnish Peninsular.

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