Warning - a holiday at Peanmeanach is not for everyone!

Before you book it is essential that you read the following:

  • Safety comes first.  
    • The bothy must not be booked if you or one of your party has walking or mobility difficulties, is immuno-compromised or has underlying health issues.  
    • All members of your party must be fit enough for a tough two to two and a half hour walk to the bothy (and the same to get back again) or capable of kayaking safely to the bothy and back again. 
    • One member of your party must be proficient in using a map and compass to navigate the party to the bothy along the rough track/footpath, or navigate safely in by kayak. 
    • It is not really suitable for young children under the age of 8 (unless they have undertaken similar long walks/kayaking trips).
    • Water comes from a nearby stream, and must be boiled/sterilised before using it. 
    • Your party must follow the Peanmeanach Bothy code at all times (see FAQs for full list).
    • There is limited mobile reception and no way of charging devices - you must bring one battery charging pack for emergencies.
    • If you use the wood burner, you will need to tend it, cleaning out the ash daily and also stoking it a few times a day.
  • All your bedding, clothes, food, fuel and drink will need to be carried for two and a half hours or so, along a rough track, unless you are kayaking in.
  • The midges in July and August can be a real pain on damp days with no wind.

If in doubt, please do not rent the Peanmeanach Bothy. If you would like to discuss it further feel free to get in touch.

If you are still reading you must be keen and able to get to and stay at the bothy safely! So if you are seeking:

  • An island-type holiday but based on the mainland
  • No neighbours (the nearest are over half a mile away)
  • 3,500 acres to roam freely (more than 5 square miles)
  • Relaxing walks, wildlife and wonderful scenery
  • Private foreshore, though under the Right to Roam Act in Scotland, there may be others camped nearby
  • Freedom to go where you please in any direction
  • Free trout fishing on the hill lochs
  • Minimal contact with the outside world during your stay if you want it that way

then please make a booking enquiry.

Booking Peanmeanach Bothy