Before you book.

Do not even contemplate booking Laggan until you have read this

Holidays are precious, and we all work hard for them. A holiday at Laggan is not for everyone!

If your expectations are of matching his and her wash hand basins in the bathroom, and 5* luxury accommodation – please look elsewhere – the Ritz springs to mind. If, on the other hand, you enjoy your own company, a “Swallows and Amazons” way of life and breath-taking seascapes, you will be in seventh heaven.

A website that tries to "unsell" you a holiday

Most websites try and sell you things – I will now try to “unsell” a holiday and try and put as many people off as possible.  Those that are still interested at the end must be very keen, those that drop out would probably not have enjoyed their holiday.

So... to avoid booking a holiday that is a disappointment or not what you expected, before you book it is essential that you bear in mind that:

  • You must have prior experience with boats, outboards and running moorings - no landlubbers please
  • Families with teenagers who are addicted to snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc will probably not enjoy a week with very limited mobile reception
  • Hot water comes from the wood burning stove – you will need to tend the stove (cleaning out the ash once a day) and also stoke it a few times a day
  • All food and drink will need to be transported from the car to the house by boat / quadbike / wheel barrow
  • If you are coming to top up your tan - forget it - as the weather can be highly variable
  • You need to plan your food in advance, to avoid spending half a day of your holiday shopping. As it takes well over an hour to get from the house to the nearest shop
  • If you are addicted to a frothy American coffee before you function properly – look elsewhere - There are no Costas, Starbucks etc for miles and miles (and it will take you half a day to get there and back)
  • There is a walk of a few hundred yards from the mooring to the house
  • The house is not suitable for young children (under 5), nor those with walking difficulties
  • There is no electricity in the house (there is a Calor gas fridge and cooker, and a wood burning stove which provides both heat and hot water)
  • There are paraffin lights in the house (full instructions given)
  • The midges in July and August can be a real pain on damp days with no wind
  • Cats are not welcome as they slay the local populations of shrews and voles (who are not used to these feline killing machines).

If you are in doubt, please do not rent Laggan. If you would like to discuss it in more detail feel free to get in touch.

If you are still reading you must be enthusiastic! So if you are up for a holiday unlike most others, and are seeking:

  • An “Island type holiday” approach but on the mainland
  • No noisy neighbours (the nearest are across the sea a mile away)
  • 3,500 acres to roam freely (over 5 square miles)
  • Relaxing walks and wonderful scenery
  • Private sandy beaches
  • Freedom to go where you please in any direction
  • Feeling at one with nature
  • Free trout fishing on the hill lochs
  • Minimal contact with the outside world during your stay if you want it that way

...then please do make a booking enquiry.

Booking Laggan