Peanmeanach Bothy - Take the Tour

The Peanmeanach Bothy was renovated in early 2021. If your expectations are of matching “his and her” hand basins (or even of any hand basins at all) along with "bang on trend" furniture, laminate flooring, carpets, immaculate paintwork, and all mod-cons, please stop reading now – this is definitely not the right holiday venue for you!

Ceilings have been put up in all the downstairs rooms, and a wood-burning stove has been installed in the sitting room. All the furniture, fixtures and fittings have been transported by boat across the loch, and carried up the beach into the bothy. 

Due to the journey that every item of furniture faced, robustness was favoured over aesthetics!  As befits the property, all furniture is second hand or upcycled to reduce our carbon footprint.  Whilst it may not have electricity or water, the interior of the bothy is basic but homely - with paintings and wood carvings on the walls, cushions, antique furniture and a well-equipped kitchen with a gas cooker (bring your own cartridges) but no oven.    


Sitting Room

The sitting room measures approximately 13’ x 13’ and the walls have been repainted in the renovation.  The furniture and contents reflect those of a traditional house that has never had electricity or running water. One concession is a variety of board games (e.g. chess, scrabble, dominoes etc.) so you can while away the evening, enjoying company and the warmth of the wood burning stove.


The Kitchen has a large round table and six chairs.  Shelving and cupboards have been installed for the storage of pots and pans, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils etc.  A fireproof board has been installed for the cookers and a worktop installed for food preparation etc.  

As there is no running water or electricity there is no bathroom!

Hallway and stairs

The entrance hall has plenty of coathooks for hanging wet clothes, and an airer for drying them.  The view on a sunny day is spectacular.  There is a firedoor to the stairs to "the loft."


The staircase leads to a large upstairs room for sleeping, divided by the staircase and a half wall.  With tongue firmly in-cheek one end has been christened the "Deluxe Suite" as there are two proper beds with matresses, and the other the "Noir Suite" due to the colour of the campbeds, rather than the overall level of opulence or decour!  There are an additional two camp beds, and the bothy sleeps a maximum of 6 (any more invalidates the insurance).  

Peanmeanach bothy and surrounding area

These photographs give a good idea of the location of the bothy (200 yards from the sea) and the nearby secluded sandy beach.  For additional pictures please see the Photos tab. 

Moving the furniture

Moving the furniture was quite a challenge, it was brought in by boat on a high tide, and carried (or wheelbarrowed) up the beach!

Renovating the bothy

Getting the materials needed to finish the refurb of the bothy was helped when we floated a lot of the materials and the last of the furniture on a large raft and beached it in front of the bothy.  The wheelbarrow was a huge asset.