Peanmeanach Bothy - Take the Tour

The Peanmeanach Bothy will be renovated in the winter of 2020/early 2021. If your expectations are of matching “his and her” hand basins (or even of any hand basins at all) along with "bang on trend" furniture and decorations, please stop reading now – this is definitely not the right holiday venue for you!

Renovations to the three downstairs rooms will include painting the interior walls and installing a wood-burning stove in the sitting room. The configuration of the three downstairs rooms may alter to two rooms.

All the furniture, fixtures and fittings will be transported by boat across the loch in several journeys, and carried up the beach into the bothy. 

Due to the journey that every item will face, robustness is favoured over aesthetics! As befits the property, all furniture will be second hand or upcycled to reduce our carbon footprint.  It is also unlikely that a new item would manage the journey unscathed. Whilst it may not have electricity or water, the interior of the bothy will be basic but homely - with tapestries, paintings and wood carvings on the walls, curtains, cushions, antique furniture and a well-equipped kitchen.    


Current Sitting Room

The sitting room measures approximately 13’ x 13’ it will have four traditional wooden armchairs and two rocking chairs arranged round the wood burner. There will be several side tables and a large blanket box (to play card and board games on), and two corner cabinets. I have also collected a variety of traditional vintage items, fixtures and fittings typical of a house that has never had electricity or running water. A variety of board games is provided (e.g. chess, Scrabble, dominoes etc.) so you can while away the evening, enjoying the warmth of the wood burning stove.

To give you a good idea of how the room will look, I have done a mock up with the furniture that will be in the sitting room (see photo 2).  Getting the furniture and fixtures and fittings accross to the bothy is always a challenge, luckily there was no rain on the day! 

Current Bedroom/Kitchen

The bunk bed will remain and cupboards installed for food, pots and pans etc.

As there is no running water or electricity there is no bathroom!


There is a staircase to a single large upstairs room for sleeping, which will be refurbished in winter 2021/22.