Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Peanmeanach Bothy Code?

The Peanmeanach Bothy is a special place, almost untouched by the modern world.  

Please keep it that way by:

1.  Honouring the not-for-profit approach used for renting the Peanmeanach Bothy and not spoiling it for others

2.  Ensuring that everyone in the party is aware of/familiar with the information folder kept at the bothy 

3.  Taking all your rubbish with you when you leave (do not bury it)

4.  Leaving the bothy clean and tidy for the next visitors

5.  Never cutting down trees or breaking/cutting branches off growing trees

6.  Using the spade provided to bury human waste at least 100 yards from the burn, and 200 yards from the bothy.

7.  Keeping/leaving all food in the metal food boxes provided, and shutting the lid to deter vermin

8.  Reporting any breakages or things that need to be fixed/mended

9.  Taking particular care with candles and the wood burner to avoid fire risks  

10.  Improving things for everyone if you can e.g. by removing plastic or netting from the beach and carrying it out when you leave

We hope you enjoy this unique location. Following the code ensures that in the future others can enjoy it as well.    

What is provided at Peanmeanach, and what do I have to bring?

The booking pack will confirm this in greater detail, so this is only a brief summary. 

You do not need to bring the kitchen basics (cookers, pots and pans, cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, mugs, glasses, tin and bottle openers etc) 

All cleaning equipment and materials are provided (dustpans, brushes, dusters, cleaning fluids, mop and bucket etc). 

A wind up radio, LED lights and batteries are also provided.  There is also a first aid kit, tick removers, board games, packs of cards, and a selection of books.

You will need to bring: Smokeless fuel, gas canisters for the cookers, head torch, sleeping bags, clothing and food. 

How do I pronounce Peanmeanach?

The original spelling is likely to have been Peighinn Meadhon Achadh or similar.  Peanmeanach is a derivation of Norse and Gaelic, that has been Anglecised along the way.

The generally accepted local prononciation is Pean-Mean-Ahck

The "Pea" (The Pea is pronounced as in Pea-cock) and then add an "n" - the last three letters should rhyme with the last thee letters of Mean

The "Mean" is pronounced as in Average or Miser

The "Ahck" is the difficult is an aspirated ‘k’ sound pronounced as in the German - Ach-tung.  If you struggle with this - any many do.. the simplest is probably Ack (as in ack-ack gun) 



Is the water safe to drink?

The burn comes from the loch above Peanmeanach, it is not tested by the Council, and so must be boiled or sterilised before you drink it, use to brush your teeth etc.  I am looking into a UV system that would assist this.   

Where can I get fuel for the wood burner?

Please bring smokeless fuel with you, and split the load amongst you. I estimate 3kg per night to be sufficient. Kindling and driftwood can also be collected from along the shoreline.

What is the weather like?

Always a hard one – best answer is variable! It can be amazing or 'dreich' - Scottish expression for pretty miserable! It is also highly changeable.

Can I get mobile signal?

The signal is patchy, and is dependent on the barometric pressure, however you can normally get a signal if you persevere and go to higher ground.  You will need to bring a charged battery pack for your mobile, for use in an emergency. 

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, dogs are fine, but cats are banned because they wreak havoc with the local population of water voles, shrews etc - who are not used to these feline killing machines.

What information is provided at the bothy?

There is a big information book at the bothy (also called the bossy list), with useful information about the house, and comprehensive information about places of interest and things to do in the area.

What are the midges like?

The midges can be bad, especially in August, particually if there is no wind. Please bring midge repellent!

Can I build a camp fire?

Yes – feel free to have a fire by the shore, or on a beach, where you will hopefully find some driftwood. Please take care to have water standing by and to fully extinguish the fire with it. A word of warning – a few years ago 90% of the peninsular was burnt by a careless fire, which burnt for 3 days and was on national news. The person who started it had to be rescued by lifeboat – so please be careful.